Ændringer i BR15

Building Regulations 2015

The Building Regulations 2015 contains the rules for construction of buildings in Denmark, both private and commercial. Regulation is primarily based on functional requirements.

The Building Regulations 2015 (BR15) are divided into two columns. The column on the left contains the legal requirements, i.e. the legally binding regulations, and the column on the right contains guideline sketches and comments on the legal requirements. The Building Regulations also comprise six appendices. Drawings in the guidance column are only to be taken as examples.

The Building Regulations 2015 - bek. 1601 14/12/2015 (PDF)

Previous versions of the Building Regulations

The Building Regulations 2010

The Building Regulations 2010 - bek. 810 28/06/2010 (PDF)

Amendments to The Building Regulations 2010

The Building Regulations 2010 must be read with all subsequent amendments.

Bek. 1309 29/11/10 (PDF)

Bek. 792 29/06/11 (PDF)

Bek. 909 18/08/11 (PDF)

Bek. 1314 12/12/12 (PDF)

Please note that the following amendments to The Building Regulations are not translated into English

Bek. 1383 09/12/13 (PDF)

Bek. 883 03/07/14 (PDF)

Bek. 898 24/07/14 (PDF)

Bek. 1444 18/12/14 (PDF)

The Bulding Regulations

The Building Regulations in English have been revised as diligently as possible to ensure the accuracy of the contents. However, users apply these regulations at their own risk and the Danish Transport and Construction Agency accepts no liability for erroneous decisions made on the basis of errors in or omissions.